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What happened this week (in anything but politics)

Updated 8:35 AM ET, Fri September 14, 2018

(CNN) - A lifetime achievement. An award-worthy meme. And a new way to celebrate. It's time for this week's politics-free news.

An exclusive club

John Legend made history twice. He's one of the youngest EGOT winners and the first African American to receive that honor.

A winning meme

Meryl Streep has given us another reason to adore her. She became the unwitting star of the US Open.

A bubbly treat

Astronauts have a reason to party. The first champagne for space was created.

A debate reignited

Is it or isn't it? Pluto is most definitely a planet -- and should never have been downgraded, say some scientists.

A shiny find

Anyone lose a jar in a movie theater? Hundreds of gold coins were unearthed in an unlikely spot.

An ocean floor discovery

Scientists explored one of the deepest places on Earth. Then they captured rare footage of some new species.

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