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Donald Trump's week of the veto

Updated 7:33 PM ET, Fri March 15, 2019

Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump has notched something historic in his presidency: This afternoon, he vetoed his first piece of legislation.

But before Friday's veto, there was another one, of sorts.

The decision to nix Boeing's 737 Max planes from the nation's skies -- for now.

The plane sort-of veto came after nations around the world halted use of the Boeing planes after a second one crashed on Sunday -- killing all 157 on board. While bans in Europe and Asia began being instituted early in the week, it took the Trump administration until Wednesday to act, when officials said they had received "new information" that led them to the decision. That came after Trump on Tuesday questioned the amount of technology needed to fly airplanes on Twitter.

Trump's actual veto struck a bit close to home.

In true Trumpian fashion, the bill had something to do with him -- the Democratic-sponsored resolution sought to fell Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. After it passed the House, the Senate on Thursday also passed it, with 12 Republicans voting with the Democrats.

Trump doubled down on his veto power (complete with a camera-filled event to mark the occasion Friday). Even after the Senate vote Thursday, Trump left no mystery as to what he planned to do next, tweeting: "VETO!"

And now, the week in 20 headlines:


• WH defends Trump's claim that Cohen asked him for a pardon • Sanders asked about Trump calling Democrats 'anti-Jewish' • Trump 2020 budget projects big deficits despite spending cuts


• Trump airs doubts about airplane tech after Boeing crashes • NYT: NY AG subpoenas banks related to Trump Org projects


• Manhattan DA announces state fraud charges against Manafort • Manafort sentenced to 7.5 years total in prison for federal crimes • Trump says he 'feels badly' for Manafort • Trump grounds Boeing 737 Max planes • Pentagon launches agency seen as key to future Space Force • Lawyer said Cohen could 'sleep well' after speaking to Giuliani • GSA report downplays Trump's involvement in FBI HQ decision • Whitaker expressed concerns about Cohen case


• NY court says defamation suit against Trump can move forward • Mnuchin: 'I will comply with the law' on releasing Trump tax returns • Ross says he didn't mislead Congress on census question • Shanahan grilled over military funding for Trump's border wall • Pence hosts Irish PM and his partner at Naval Observatory


• Trump offers condolences to New Zealand following mosque attacks • Trump nominates new NATO commander

The Point: For the first time, Trump exercised his official power of veto.

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