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Must-watch videos of the week

Updated 10:35 AM ET, Fri February 7, 2020

(CNN) - An underdog dazzles the crowd, a former Olympic star gets mom-shamed, and an artist out-foxes a major company. Here are the must-watch videos of the week.

Hoop dreams

Ever fantasize about suiting up for your team and crushing the competition? One Georgia high school team manager drove the crowd wild after getting a chance to play on senior night. Check out the NBA-esque ball-handling skills before he drills the three pointer.

Pelosi's new nickname

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was shredded by some critics online after her actions during President Trump's State of the Union address. Was "Nancy the Ripper" in the wrong? Watch and decide for yourself.

Fake views

Have you ever felt like Google is omnipotent? One artist was able to beat the company's mapping app with a clever trick using a wagon full of cell phones. The company took it in stride, with officials saying they appreciate the creativity.

A heartwarming surprise

A Texas mother was overcome with emotion after receiving the surprise of a lifetime while being sworn in as a police officer. Her son, a sergeant in the US Army who hadn't seen his mother in over two years, made an unexpected appearance.

Baby gymnastics

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is in hot water online after some saw her parenting as less than gold medal-worthy. Keep watching as HLN's Melissa Knowles shares a mom-shaming story of her own.

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